Do you want to login someones Facebook account password? If they dont give you the password, how can you have access to login their account? How to hack a Facebook password to view private messages, videos and images? Every day, we get many emails asking for help to hack a Facebook account password. Because hacking is not easy as pie, it takes a lot of times to find a working way to hack a Facebook account. And if you are not a computer savvy, it is hard to hack Facebook password by your self. And even if we give you the instructions to hack, it may take you a lot of time to do that. In order to hack an account with most current tricks, it requires some technical knowledge.

How to hack a Facebook password for free

However, now we will guide you the easiest way to hack a Facebook password. You will neither need to download a software nor do a survey to hack Facebook password. But before hacking, you should know that you cant get the password within minutes or by clicking just one button. Keep patient until you get that many others desire.

You can hack Facebook if you have your victims email used to login Facebook. It means you can have access to your victims email account. The easiest way to hack a Facebook account when you have the Facebook email login is resetting the password. You just click on the link "Forgot your password?" and enter your victims email address to hack a Facebook password. Facebook will send the link to reset password to your victims email account. Just click on that link and enter the new password. Thats easy to get someones Facebook password with some clicks.

If only you and your victim know his/her email password, your victim will know you have hacked his/her account. So after clicking on the reset link, just delete the email. However, your victim can follow the same process to recover his/her Facebook password. And they may change their primary email password. So you can no longer hack their Facebook account. Or your victim can register for a new Facebook account and you are not sure which email address is used to login Facebook. You will not be able to hack that Facebook account with the above way.

In that case, you can hack a Facebook password by hacking Facebook ID number. Just use your target Facebook ID profile to hack, then you will get the email address and password to login Facebook. You can yourself find Facebook ID number by looking at your tagert Facebook profile. However, if you are not familiar with this term, you can use the free tool below. Just login your Facebook, then go to your victims Facebook profile. Copy and paste your victims Facebook profile into the tool below.

Free tool to find Facebook ID number »

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